This is For You

For every woman.

And every girl.

Every one seen before she speaks.

How to act, how to dress, how to appear.

It’s an everyday thing.

While some get to express how they feel.

Others might be shamed.

I’m bothered.

By what we have done to women.

Who experience injustice.

Maybe the moment in which she expressed it seemed minimal.

But the years in which she carried it add up to be monumental.

Can we all breathe ?

For such a time like this?

A moment of silence.

For those who are enticed to quit.

It gets hard.

Please stop wearing us down.

Enough is enough.

Can we be human ?

Or must we be perfect ?

The bridge doesn’t align.

So empathy must speak .

To fill in the gap.

Are we ready ?

She’s tired.

Let her be.


To feel.

To exist.

To have peace.

To be silent.

To speak.

To be.

Whatever she chooses.

To say.

What feels right.

It’s time.

Let her go.

The chains are too heavy.

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