Twenty Something

If you’re twenty something like me, ever been twenty something or approaching it soon, I want to talk to you.

I want to tell you that everybody’s life journey is different. I thought I could figure out my life by planning and working super super hard and being remembered as a tremendously kind person. If only it were that simple. Honestly working hard isn’t hard at all. The hard part is staying still.

Especially when you don’t want to. The world around us is constantly moving. Notifications, emails, rough drafts, phone calls. It’s a lot of keep up with.

When do we have a moment to stand still. That’s weird right?! I’m not making progress if I’m not thinking ahead.


We can’t work our way up, like they say. This is just my opinion. Life isn’t about knowing what will happen in the future. It is living in gratitude in the present moment. So excuse me if I remind myself to take a seat on planet grateful for just a moment.

If we can just stop for a second to remember that all we have is today, I wonder if we would live differently in this moment.

Try it.



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