When it’s not popular

Is it possible to share your truth without scrutiny ? Is it possible to be seen as credible without credentials ? We see time and time again the difficulties victims have to come forward about injustices.

How do we stand when it’s not popular? Who do we lean on when no one will stand with us ?

Pretending like nothing happened is what’s popular. Staying silent is what seems to get us ahead. Fear of retaliation or judgement? No understanding of the process or inside scoop on what to expect.

It takes true bravery for anyone to speak their truth and I ask for each of us to listen when those around us need it most.

Will you stand up when everyone else is sitting down ? Will you stand out when everyone else is blending in?

Will you hold hands when others have a clenched fist? The time is now to stand with your neighbor, even when it’s not popular.

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