Your Truth Matters: Rejecting Conformity

Everyone has a truth. We hide from it to accommodate the ones who caused the pain. Why do we do that? In this world it is not always acceptable to acknowledge what is wrong. As much as we have free speech, silence gets rewarded more. No press, no judgement, no explanations with penalties. Silence is a reward in a world that can not handle truth.

When we feel pain, there is always someone saying that shouldn’t hurt. Whether racism, abuse, rejection, sexism or any loss, there is someone on the outside looking in saying, that didn’t bother me and it shouldn’t bother you. I urge the world to be sensitive to a truth that doesn’t belong to you. To listen with compassion and to open up opportunities for a person who doesn’t have the same truth to feel safe. We are all crossing a river that seems too shallow to rise.

My truth hurts and I acknowledge it. It’s the pride, the glare, what’s perceived as unfair. Or maybe the grief that comes when you grow. Healing takes time, it’s a process with no deadline. It leaves you more loving, more kind and free. It prompts you to be open in ways you never were before.

If you’ve ever struggled with acknowledging your pain, I urge you to love yourself where you are. Don’t hide. Don’t judge. Don’t leave. Stay.

Commit to who you are becoming. Your story isn’t finished. Your feelings are proof that you’re real, you’re alive and here for a reason.

And when it’s all said and done, you will thank the truth for setting you free.

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