New Identity: As Defined By Me

There are times when we don’t see ourselves properly. For a very long time I allowed others to project onto me their ideas of who I should be. I began to listen to the thoughts about how much money I should be making, how much time I should spend in a position, what I should be doing with my appearance and who I should be dating. It was exhausting. Whenever I couldn’t fit into this box, I felt like somehow I missed the mark and I failed.

It wasn’t until I began to develop the confidence in myself to become who I wanted to be that I broke through the expectations of others and began to set my own. This changed my life. I now see my power in a whole new way. I broke all of their rules and I am fine with it.

It takes courage to get to this place. It takes self discovery, faith and vision. I am grateful for the vision I have gotten and also for the accomplishments I’ve had so far.

Don’t forget all of the incredible milestones in your life because you are focused on breaking someone else’s rule set for you. You’ve done nothing wrong. Being yourself and being true to your own calling is not only the right thing to do, it is our gift to the world.



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