Roots: Under the Tick

The root cause of my offense isn’t just for the one time it happened.

It’s for the many times I’ve been ignored.

We label people as disruptive and disregard them when their pain is different from ours.

We say things like “that shouldn’t hurt” because “it doesn’t bother me”

It’s the approach we have with complaints of racism, sexism, pay gaps, and other unfair conditions.

I have been at the forefront of being labeled.

So when I speak up about something I think needs to change and it seems small understand my roots.

I’m carrying generations of people in my bloodline who have been ignored.

Forced into silence because “they don’t listen anyway”

People get tired of talking when they aren’t being heard. It’s a rock and a hard place.

We are surprised by the tick, meaning the point in which someone protests their truth.

But why? It was bound to occur.

I just ask that you don’t ignore the small things. That can prevent the bigger deal.

It’s all a big deal! Let’s take that perspective.

P.S. Don’t stop talking because of what someone thinks. If you’re still speaking after all of the push back, you have a gift. Use it.

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