Tips for Living in Your Twenties

Hey purpose partners!! I’ve been on my own since my early college days and I wanted to share some tips I’ve learned for young adults who were ready or even not so ready. It can be challenging but You can survive and thrive. Here’s my advice:

1. Keep a steady income. Working and going to school is hard for some to balance but if you had to do it like I did, I encourage you to aim for quality at every stage of your life. As a college student there are quality opportunities out there if you look for them.

2. Be strategic. When you’re accepting opportunities choose ones that match closely to your goals. In times when this is not possible, choose parts of your job that give transferable skills and use that to your advantage.

3. Build professional relationships. Always ask for references, build good relationships and make friends. You can’t make it in life alone.

4. Live modestly. Maybe your friends have expensive things, they go vacationing, and seem to have the material things you want. That’s not important. Keep essentials and save. You’ll need it for emergencies and unexpected expenses.

5. Date wisely. Break ups can be emotionally draining. Try to choose a mate who aligns with your vision. Do the work in the beginning. Don’t move too fast and don’t put someone else’s happiness above yours. If what you’re looking for is commitment, don’t date people who are unsure of what they want.

6. Set boundaries. Be mindful of what you watch, listen to and who you hang around. Limit your exposure to negative thinking, and a dead in environment.

7. Travel within your budget. You don’t have to go into debt to see nice places. Taking a break to celebrate your success is important. Don’t forget to go on adventures!! But do so with what you can afford. It doesn’t mean you can’t do bigger things later.

8. Keep trying. You may fall the first time but don’t give up. Don’t settle for the low paying job or the relationship that brings you down. Don’t let rejection from a job or someone you liked take away your optimism. Learn from your experience but don’t think that’s all that’s out there. There’s more to life than setbacks. Stay ready for your come up!

9. Don’t let other people tell you what to do. You have to make your own decisions and you can make good ones. Remember to listen to your intuition and don’t get off your right path because it was someone’s else’s dream for you.

10. Take care of yourself. There may be pressure you put on yourself or that others put on you to give back to those around you. You can’t give to anyone until you’re in the place you need to be. Do what you can but don’t try to be anyone’s savior. You can’t. Take care of your self by doing fun, mindless things that have nothing to do with school or work. Life is more than your to-do list and you should enjoy it before it’s too late. Pick up a new hobby, go on that date, change your nail color, take the trip! whatever floats your boat!!



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