Is it working?

abandoned ancient antique architecture
Photo by Pixabay on

It’s easy to stay in the place where comfort exists

To go the same way, and do the same things

It’s easy to keep the same habits and traditions

But take a moment to ask yourself, is it working?

There comes a time in everyone’s life where we must decide if we will take the hard path or the easy one

The hard path requires you to grow, it requires you to be patient, and it requires you to change.

The hard path requires more of your time, more of your effort and less of your control.

The easy path will get you a quick result, making you happy for as long as you’ll chase it.

But the hard path will give you joy, even through circumstances that are challenging.

It is the road less traveled, but most rewarding.

So that next time you are faced with a choice to go the same way you’ve always gone, ask yourself, is it working?

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