The Pursuit of Happiness

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In the pursuit of more, we find ourselves still settling for less. Why is that? What happens to our self esteem when we place so much emphasis on a dream, and can’t quite figure out what life really means? What we find is that nothing specific can really make us happy.

Think of that one issue you are facing. You may say to yourself, when this gets better, I will have no worries. Then when that get’s better, you may add, just one more thing and I will be satisfied. After that, you add another thing to the wish list. Has there been any time in between to enjoy the moment? To practice gratitude?

So we can keep wanting, there is no shame in that. We can keep striving, there is nothing wrong about that, but also know that there is something special about perspective. Can we stop for a moment and pursue a grateful heart? Can we take time to appreciate what we have before we get disappointed about what we don’t have?

This is the part where we could list the things that we are grateful for today, but instead I ask that you look at how far you have come. Take a look at where you were 5 years ago. Ask yourself, have you gained a little more wisdom? Have you become a little more of who you are?

The pursuit of happiness is not a mandatory journey. Are you already happy? If you take away the external pressures, would you feel like you already have what you have been looking for?

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