You Are Enough: Thriving After the Storm

If you’ve ever experienced any form of abuse- you know how difficult it can be to rise above it. Whether witnessing it, personal experience or in support of, it is important to acknowledge how you feel.

As a natural helper, I’ve often found myself in the middle of someone else’s trauma. Unable to see my own because I cared so much, I’d go to great lengths to save someone I could not save. Every person has to come to their own rescue in their own time. It doesn’t excuse the behavior. It is our job to stop, think about our own needs and put those needs first. Learned behaviors teach us that it’s okay to suffer with someone.

We may feel empathy but we shouldn’t be brought down with them. I know from personal experience that it can be painful to let go, it’s hard even when there’s no apology and you’re left to pick up the pieces but you absolutely will be okay.

You can thrive after the storm. If you’ve had the courage to speak up for yourself you should be proud. No one deserves abuse. Treat yourself with the love you were expecting. That should be your daily task.

Remember this person was attracted to you not because you were weak and broken down, but because you were strong and put together. Now is not the time to become the stereotype. Set yourself free.

And don’t stop doing the things you love.



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