Lovers Therapy

Go find yourself in the mirror

Ask the deep questions you know exist

Give yourself the cold stare- feelings unearthed when you’re not there

Chasing, seeking, trying to share the pain behind

I am the answer, but not what you seek

Give me the chance, but don’t excuse me

Seeking, you sought, to become but not get caught

I knew the sound of helplessness, yet I couldn’t hear you coming

Giving me your all- way too soon

Masking the truth- before it could be discovered

You knew empathy

You hunted for it more

Unable to reciprocate- it became your score

Inflicting on others, what you felt inside

Hoping to remain a mess in disguise

I found you- uncovered every piece

Gave you a reason, to run, retreat

someone you love left you- and you don’t know why

your lost and found memoir concludes Let go of them, before they let go of me

Run from who You are, because you don’t like what you see

running, running until the wall finds you

This is the way damage comes behind me

I feel your pain, I hear you clear

But some where in between, I knew it wasn’t right

Hurting souls can not give love

And a lovers heart, is not your therapy

It’s a mirror to tell you-face yourself.

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