Money, Power, Love

Money, power, love

Symbols of a symphony

Playing out one by one to the beat of mastery

Bump it, thump against the hem

Jamming, feeling, no place of Kin

Yet familiar to the taste buds

Facing the sunrise called home

Give money, in exchange for love

Power in replace of reality

Deception for the artificial greed

Stemming from the debt of mediocrity

Save your own soul, the three stooges can’t buy it

Bury it in a sack, why can’t the better half just try it

No one understands your language

Speak a little slower

You thought you could buy her

But she couldn’t be a player

Soul winning, expression of the sunburn

Her love knew your hazard

Unable to tame the vicious cycle

So she let go of the hassle

Let it be

Money, power, love

Can all three exist?

She decided to win without asking.

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