How to Empower Yourself

Hey purpose partners!!! Check out my 5 tips for empowerment:

1. Love yourself unconditionally: apply the same compassion to yourself as you would to someone you love. If you can be kind to a stranger? Why not apply that same care to yourself ?

2. Keep going. No matter how many times you fall, keep getting back up. Nothing gives more power than moving forward.

3. Do what you love. Is there something bringing you back to a time where you loved what you were doing? Are you still discovering it? No matter where you are in life, bringing joy to yourself is part of your purpose. Burn out for the sake of others happiness isn’t our mission.

4. Forgive. Learning to release others from your expectations, understand that their behavior is not a reflection of you is a form of empowerment. The less personal you take it, the more freedom you give to yourself.

5. Accept who you are. If you’re not feeling confident, don’t take it lightly. Address how you feel and confront the lies. Tell yourself you’re amazing, and be specific about why. You deserve positive affirmations daily.

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