Self Awareness and Self Esteem

If you’ve grown up with the expectation that you had to be good at everything, smart, well behaved and were praised anytime you did well and criticized when you didn’t , you may be very hard on yourself whenever you feel you’re not where you want to be or someone else wants you to be. If you’ve experienced this pressure from family, significant others and people you come across in your life through work and other experiences, your self esteem could take a hit when you don’t live up to that high mark. If you love to do something, but it doesn’t measure up to what someone expects of you, don’t stop doing what you love.

If you like a certain outfit or hairstyle and no one thinks you look good in it but you, that’s enough. Remember that you are the one who is in control of how you feel. It’s your life and it’s not to be controlled by what other people think. The more aware you can be, the better off you will feel about choices that make you feel good about yourself! I know from personal experience that it’s not easy, but all it takes are small steps to break a bad habit. You are enough and you don’t have to prove that to anyone but yourself.

So set a goal. Make some decisions that empower you and don’t seek approval. You’re the boss of your own life, it’s time to start living like it 🙂

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