Plans and Purpose

Hey purpose partners!!

In this journey of purpose, I’ve learned a few things I think will be valuable gems for you. Check them out below.

1. Purpose has less to do with title and more to do with function. It’s not what people call you, it’s what you’re doing with that call that will determine if you’re happy. The title may come with recognition or money but if what you do from day to day isn’t in line with what you love, it’s not your purpose.

2. Purpose is recognized by others but must be confirmed within you. Others may tell you what you should be doing, they may even recognize your gifts and be correct, however it’s up to you to determine how you use your gifts and to accept your own identity in that.

3. It’s not always a straight shot. There’s a Journey you have to take. Often times it requires change and personal development. It requires breaking the mold we created, disrupting the plans and doing what the moment calls for- character building.

4. Plan to take another route. There are times when we take wrong turns simply because we don’t have the right direction. We base our direction on the wrong things. Take a look within and recognize your strengths. Redirection is often the best way to learn from your mistakes.

5. Give yourself credit for progress. What holds us back is often fear. We think about the end result. We don’t consider giving credit for states in between.

6. The answer is within. It’s great to ask questions and seek guidance. It’s nice to have advice and support from others but there comes a time when the most important answers lie within.

7. It’s not just what you do but how you do it. You may have a similar purpose as another person but may have a different way of carrying it out. That’s perfectly okay. We are all unique and need to follow our own path with confidence.

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