High Standards, Flexible Expectations

I want to talk to you about standards. Some of us have them and we expect them from ourselves and others. While this is great, I want to argue that having high standards and high expectations can lead to disappointment. We are designed to be human in the best possible way. We are designed to be given grace and to extend grace to others. Life happens, and life is what it is, people are who they are, and it’s not our job to change anyone but ourselves. Keep your standards high, but your expectations flexible so that when life doesn’t go your way, you’re okay with that. When you meet someone new, do have the standard for them to be kind, respectful and moral, but don’t expect them to be everything you want all the time and more. When you start a new project, do have the standard to do your very best, but don’t expect perfection. When you make plans for your life, do look forward to them, but don’t get discouraged when you need to take a different route. Let us keep this perspective as we enter into a new year.



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