I Love You Whole #LetsLoveDeeper

man with dreadlocks
Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

If you were ever waiting on the perfect sign

If you were ever wanting the perfect time to say you made it

Keep waiting

I was never looking for perfection, as that’s something I could never be

I only wanted to be with someone who could truly see

That surrender is the call

To the parts of you that cause you to fall

I just want to be whole

But I am convinced we already are

The moment we decided to choose love

Was the moment we saw within ourselves what we were seeking

The validation in the mirror came after searching

Only to realize the sky is still blue when it rains

I could play hide and seek with you

But you already know my ins and outs

I never had to put you back together

I just needed to love the you that you fell in love with

That’s your wholeness

The moment you accepted yourself

It was then that you could find me

The woman who loves you for who you are

You do the same for me

The man of my dreams

For this we can toast

We found love like we are the church.

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