Staying Focused in 2020

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It’s been a crazy year, I know. It can be hard to stay focused on your goals. Hard to stay focused on the positive. Hard to feel hope that things will change. I am writing this today, because I understand. I really do. Right now, we are all doing the best we can, taking things as they come. As a person who has experienced loss during this time, I write knowing that I have real feelings about how challenging things have been. Having to adjust to a new normal can be hard but I am determined to push past those feelings of disappointment.

So, here we are in need of the things that can make us happy, knowing that it first starts within. This means that we don’t give anyone else the power to control how we think or feel. If you are happy celebrate that, even if you are the only one happy. Don’t diminish that joy. If you are angry or sad or disappointment, don’t be ashamed but do your best to get out of that negative space. In order to stay focused, we have to eliminate distractions. We have to be intentional about who we are speaking to, what we are listening to, and what we are doing. All of that impacts how we feel, and what we focus on. If you want to stay focused in this season, try giving yourself the opportunity to do more of what makes you feel positive.

I hope you know that you are not alone, and that even during a time like this, you deserve joy, peace, and love. A change of plans does not have to be bad. It can bring you closer to a better result that you did not even expect 🙂




  1. Love this positive message, and it’s a great reminder for the rest of us who might be going through tough times to keep our chin up and keep on keeping on. Thanks for sharing!

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