Radical Self Care

For me, radical self care means preserving the parts of me that are sacred, basically every part of me created by God, yes that means all of me. I have been interested in making a difference since I was a kid. I think as time goes on, I find myself checking in more and more with reality and the desires of my heart. Ideally, I’d like to live in a world that makes it easy for people to make a difference. But as we see in our political climate, there is always this push and pull between good and evil, right and wrong. Even in making small changes, there can be resistance.

With this being said, I would say press on, but first look within. Always look within to see what you need before you put work first. We give so much of ourselves. Our hearts want to help as many as we can but this should never be done at your own expense.

When I think about Kamala Harris, and the way she had to constantly say, “she’s speaking,” I feel this way all the time. There is something very tiring about having to repeat yourself. Almost everyday, I can identify at least one instance where I feel her words. So often when you are intelligent, beautiful, driven, etc., as women we have to justify the positive qualities we have in order to be heard or seen as equal without being seen as a threat. As women of color, we have even more of a task to demand respect that should be given, to continue advocating for ourselves, which is especially tiring in spaces that should be safe. This is why we must always create our own safe spaces. We must own our power even when it is denied.

In practicing radical self care, we become aware of these realities but we do not become derailed. We learn when to say no. We learn when to say yes. We know what’s worth our energy and we know what’s not. To stop and reflect is so important. If you don’t, you will look up and notice that you’ve saved everyone else but not yourself.

One important task I would put in front of you is to take the very serious topics less seriously. I know this is hard to do, especially for someone like myself. But taking something less seriously does not minimize its importance. In fact, it strengthens its importance by giving you more energy to do the work.

I hope these reminders were helpful for you today. Always remember to take good care.


  1. Amen! Radical self-care by any means necessary. Being by myself these past 7 months has allowed me to fully check-in with myself and I feel so aligned. I haven’t found the tools yet to use to stay aligned when in constant interaction with people. I low-key dread the “return to normal/new-normal”

    • These feelings are valid cherese! I think it’s great to spend time in spaces where you feel most like yourself! We all need the reassurance that it’s okay to feel how we feel.

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