King within a Queen

Breonna Taylor and George Floyd both matter

Don’t feed the divide created for us

Some say, black woman, you’re not targeted like the black man

Creating resentment

But we are in this together

Don’t minimize our pain

The same attacks, different angles

When you die, we die too

Black man comes from our womb

Your every battle becomes our wound

Even when wronged we protect

When rejected we reflect

The love that you deserve

A love like no other

Tell me if you know that a king lies within a queen

Tell me you know that our eyes have tears from slavery

The scars of abandonment

When at times we are victims and not believed

Thank you Meg

For sharing your truth

Black women can’t protect everyone else and not be protected ourselves

We rise

We fall

We pay the cost

In spaces of perceived power that can strip us of humanity

Tell me is that what you mean by better off?

All that glitters isn’t gold

We take hits when we serve

When we give to a world that does not give back

Do you see yourself in us ?

Thank God for the men who do

Black man we love you and salute you for your vision

A mind with eyes to see truth

Safe haven

A king within a queen

Blood on our tongues

Weapons in our hearts

To fight for you and us

Stand for something

Don’t fall for the lie

You are our reflection

It’s you and I

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