A Healthy Relationship Starts With You: Self Love and Healthy Relationships in 2021

Never stop speaking, your voice is the key that unlocks your breakthrough.

As some of you know I am an advocate for women. I started this blog to empower myself and give myself opportunity as a writer, but along the way the message behind it became about a story of optimism, confidence and moving forward after surviving an unhealthy relationship.

Sometimes as women we are taught to suppress our feelings, support our men even when they hurt us, and always take the high road. Once we recognize those red flags and the work we have to do within ourselves we can become liberated and free from being a target of any kind of mistreatment.

I am here to tell you that you don’t have to tear another person down to tell your story. You don’t even need to mention them. But what you do need to do is never allow someone else to silence you and speak for you. Your truth belongs to you and it sets you free. Your healing takes time and is a commitment but it is absolutely needed. I have committed to my own healing and speak from experience.

Lately I have felt compelled to create more content related to self love and healthy relationships. I know that my experiences are for a reason and I have decided that I would like to dedicate more time to sharing self love and healthy relationship tips with you in 2021. I’m so proud of my progress and want healthy love and self love for everyone I can possibly share it with!

This year, let’s commit to being more educated, informed and empowered by using the power of our story to help others. I hope those of you who have been with me will support this content. Wishing you all a healthy and wonderful new year! Can’t wait for what is to come.



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