Protect Your Peace: Affirmations for Self Love

Love is an action. Choose to love yourself like you mean it.

An important part of loving yourself is speaking positive words about yourself. You may have been told negative things about who you are or accepted someone else’s view of you without recognizing it.

If you look at your actions, you will notice how you feel about yourself. Ask yourself, does this action show that I love myself or does it show that I still have some work to do? We are always making choices. We are not a victim of life. At some point, we wake up and go, wow all along I had the power! Now what will I choose to do with it?

Below are ten affirmations you can say to yourself day and night. Say it like you mean it. Love, Vicky.

1. I am powerful

2. I am brave

3. I am loved

4. I am talented

5. I am healed

6. I am free

7. I am happy

8. I am successful

9. I am grateful

10. I am chosen

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