Pick Up Your Feelings: Communicate

In today’s world, everything happens so fast. We have information at our fingers tips, with social media and other forms of technology that we barely need face to face communication. Not to mention living in a pandemic where most people have had to adapt to online interactions at work and even personal lives. However, in real time the way we process information doesn’t always work so fast. With that in mind, we have to learn to communicate effectively to ensure poor communication doesn’t get in the way of drawing you closer to those you care about.

While convenience is often what attracts us to some methods of communication, let’s remember that real connection and true communication comes from intentional effort.

That means within ourselves by being aware of, acknowledging and expressing our feelings in safe and healthy ways, and choosing people in our lives who are capable of doing the same. It takes work and practice but if both people are willing, the sky is the limit 🙂

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