Keep Your Standards: You Deserve The Best

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Hey Purpose Partners,

How often do you know someone who stopped believing that good people exist or that their dreams can’t come true? When you are seeking a partner in life, you need to keep your standards. When you are seeking opportunities in life, you need to keep your standards high. Just because you didn’t receive what you wanted yet, does not mean you should lower your expectations. It may mean you need to raise the bar. You may only be receiving your limited beliefs. That means it’s time to step it up a notch. Don’t let someone make you think you are intimidating and you need to expect less or nothing at all. Don’t let the low confidence of others get into your spirit. If you do, you will end up attracting less than what you deserve. If you believe that what you desire does not exist, how then will you receive? A standard to be treated with kindness, with love, with respect is realistic. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Change your thinking, change your life. Keep your standards, raise them high, and soar high. You are receiving what you accept, so ask yourself what does your standard currently say about what is coming into your life? Are you limited? or are you overflowing?



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