I am so thankful for a new generation that isn’t afraid to say no

When people stand by and watch injustice it not only affects those around currently but the future generations

When you stand up for yourself in anyway people will retaliate

We have to do more to exercise our voice and we can’t allow the consequences of doing so to stop us

They will try to hold it against you even if you’re standing up to protect your well-being

This is especially a personal experience of mine as a black woman when there is already less empathy for us as it is

I’m inspired to write this as I’m thinking about Naomi Osaka who has made a public statement on her refusal to do press to protect her mental health.

She is being fined for it. And I can only say good for her. Good for her in being brave.

What would happen if more people of color rallied around instead of shaming young people for doing what they should have done ?

I am very appreciative of women standing up for themselves, protecting their health and well being.

I feel less alone and I know that the power of “no” may seem like a bad thing but it is the very way my ancestors took their power back after being brutalized

No is liberation.

No is necessary.

I hope for the no moment in your lives to ring true to bring freedom to yourself and the generation to come.

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