It’s Happening For You

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on

You may have given up hope. The days felt long for a while. Those long days were what you needed. They kept you on your toes, they strengthened your weakness and carried you home to the place where you are most free, your calling. The mind can be fragile if you are not careful. You must protect your health at all costs. Sometimes that means making changes you don’t want to make but what would your life be like if you realize that you have the keys to unlock the door of the prison keeping you in bondage? It really isn’t the one’s who put you there, its your thoughts about the control they have. You can take that control back once you realize that no one can stop your success without your submission. So today I want to ask you, are you willing to be free? Those blessings are happening for you, but you have to say yes.



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