You Deserve Good Things

Speaking from experience, you may be wondering why you have to go through hard times. It can make you doubt that good things are coming. But I want to let you know that a challenge is not a reason for you to doubt your worthiness. You were born worthy. Timing is everything. It’s so important to keep that perspective because you shouldn’t want anything before it’s time. Just think about it, you want to experience the fullness of your joy. That comes with receiving what you waited for knowing it is not a knock off but the real deal. And often times it’s even better than what you expected. I’m telling you, your life can change in an instant. You’re always deserving of good things and it’s happening for you!! happiness is sometimes waiting for what you truly deserve and trusting it’s your new normal, yes you, this is for you, you’re just that deserving 🙂

I know because it’s happening for me too🥰



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